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What’s saving your life right now?

Today on the Modern Mrs. Darcy blog, Anne talked about what’s saving her life. Meaning what is getting her through these dreary winter months and helping her to stay positive. I am so appreciative of this post, it brought me back to the present and is helping me to notice all of the wonderful things going on in my life right now, instead of focusing on what I’m not doing or what I’m missing out on.

So here is my list:

  1. My sister is getting married in July (yay!) and I’m in the process of planning her bachelorette party at the beginning of June. There are ten of us renting a lake house in South Haven, Michigan for a weekend of relaxing and celebrating the bride to be. My sister is THE most kind and easygoing person on the planet (possibly in the entire galaxy) and she has made everything so easy and fun. Having things to look forward to always keeps me going.
  2. Italy!!! We are planning a trip to Italy (Naples, Pompeii, Rome, Florence) for the end of February. I don’t know if I will ever get used to this whole international lifestyle, being a Midwest girl born and raised, but I am definitely feeling fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to new and exciting places.
  3. AWO (American Women’s Organization) Meetings/lunches/hangouts. The women I have met through this organization have been a HUGE reason why Moscow is starting to feel like home to me. The minute I walked into my first AWO meeting I felt welcome and like I had instant friends. Spending time with these women, at meetings and social events, is always a good time and always lifts my spirits.
  4. Oh yeah, being in Moscow. Living overseas has always been something on my bucket list. I wasn’t sure how it would happen or even if it would happen. Now that I am here, sometimes I am just in awe of the experience. While living here has brought me out of my comfort zone, I’m so grateful for this experience and the perspective it has granted me.
  5. My health/ability to be active. While some days I am just happy if I can drag myself to the gym and spend ten minutes on the treadmill, for the most part I am getting faster and stronger, and continuing to push myself. Since my knee injury last summer, I have had to take a step back from running and yoga but I am still able to exercise and stay in shape, and I am grateful for that every day.
  6. Cat videos. I’m not joking, they might be low on the list but they are hilarious and wonderful.
  7. The luxury of time. Being able to journal, read, work out, try new recipes and just appreciate this experience.

Making this list was like a form of therapy for me, and I encourage you to make a list of what’s saving your life right now!



Welcome to my blog! I moved to Moscow in November to join my fiance, and this blog is dedicated to my experience living as an expat. Thanks for joining me on this exciting ride!

2 thoughts on “What’s saving your life right now?

  1. Solid list! Having the opportunities you have right now, and all of the loved ones lifting you up, standing beside you, challenging you are what it’s all about. While we miss you (well, I know I miss you, can’t speak for the rest) I know this is what dreams are made of. Safe travels. See you next time.


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