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My Top 5 Movies of 2017

I love watching movies! So I decided to do a post about the top movies I’ve seen so far this year. Not all of these movies actually came out in 2017 so I’m a little late in seeing some of them.
Here they are:

  1. The Edge of 17-Hailee Steinfeld is incredible in this movie! She is so convincing in her role as a 17 year old girl stuggling with all the ups and downs of high school and what a confusing time it can be. This is definitely an emotional film that deals with a lot of tough issues but worth watching for sure no matter your age. Woody Harrelson also does an excellent job as the quirky and grumpy teacher who Steinfeld confides in. The Edge of 17 trailer
  2. Moonlight-This movie won several Oscars, and for good reason. Though it was difficult to watch, it revealed many of the struggles surrounding poverty and drugs, and how easy it can be to get wrapped up the vicious cycle surrounding both. The acting was incredible and the story was heart wrenching. Moonlight trailer
  3. Beauty and the Beast-Seeing this live action version of beauty and the beast with Emma Watson was simply delightful. They stayed true to the original story and had all the original songs, along with a few new ones. Watson was dazzling as Belle and all the other characters did the originals justice as well. If you are a child of the 90’s prepare for the memories to come flooding back to you. Beauty and the Beast trailer
  4. Arrival-Science Fiction is not usually a genre I am drawn to but decided to watch this one based on a few recommendations. Amy Adams did a wonderful job as Professor Louise Banks, who is struggling to interpret and translate the language of alien visitors who have appeared on Earth. Throughout the movie, Banks is confronted with her past and future and is forced to consider whether if given the chance she would do things differently. Arrival trailer
  5. La La Land– Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are a perfect match in this musical. Sebastian (Gosling) and Mia (Stone) are drawn to each other, both struggling to make a living doing what they love. Throughout the movie they are forced to decide which is more important, true love or following your dreams. La La Land trailer

What are your favorite movies from the past year?



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